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The following are dolls ( or doll parts )that are on my wishlist:

CP Girl Mature Body Type II*
CP Boy Mature Body Type II*
CP Dambi
CP Lishe Special ( dreaming head would be the girl, open-eyed head would be the boy. )
CP MNF BW Shushu Elf
Soom Doll MiniGem Aren ( Tanning )
Musedoll Ciel Glamor Type

* Those take priority ( to an extent ) because those bodies need to go to my floating head twins. )

Things To Get:

Lissette ( MNF Shushu ):

+ 14mm cobalt/dark violet eyes
+ black eyelashes ( to replace her brown/dark blonde ones )

Kirsten ( Soulkid Yewon ):

+ shoes ( of the general, everyday wear )
+ burgundy/red colored MSD wig ( Leekeworld, perhaps )
+ spring/summer outfit for outdoors

Katie ( Elfdoll Lydia ):

+ spring/summer outfit for outdoors
+ sneakers ( white )

Adeline ( Elfdoll Sooah ):

+ spring/summer outfit for outdoors ( Kitty Capgun )
+ converse shoes( black )
+ vans/ slipons ( color undetermined )

Hiram ( CP Harang Sleeping ):

+ short sleeved top
+ beanie cap
+ SD jeans ( outfit from Cheery Doll )
+ shoes ( cassis for boy from luts )

Kissa ( CP Harang ):

+ summer/spring top ( white and/or black )

Katya ( DoC Petsha ):

+ outfit for all seasons
+ shoes for general wear
+ wig ( long; color to be determined )

Parker ( MNF Ruth ):

+ summer outfit ( shorts and tank top )

Soom's Aren ( Tanning ) is too cute for words. :x

Decisions, decisions

I'm thinking of getting a BW ( Beauty White ) Shushu Elf.

I already have a Shushu, but:

A) She's normal skinned.
B) She isn't an elf.
C) I believe that they scented the resin in the elf molds. SCENTED RESIN :D!!!!!11!1!
D) Shushu's are my FAVORITE mold. I would own an army of them if I could.

Besides, I'd like to take a stab at owning a BW.

Any imput?

I probably wouldn't keep the vampire head either.. so if anyone was looking for one.. it could be a split too..

Mar. 26th, 2007

Mmm, Katie's eyes came in today.

They are so pretty.

I can't wait till she is restrung and home! ^_^
As I'm going to promise posting pictures tonight if I remember, Parker got his new outfit from Luts the other day.

Which you can view: here. Just not on him ^^;

And my namless kid delf/mnf hybrid got her new eyes as well.

Which you can view: here.

Just Friends Results!

I just entered Lissette ( My MNF Shushu ) into one of the BJD games on DoA-- called "Just Friends". It's a match making game that isn't for like boyfriend/girlfriend matches but what the title says.

Finally getting matched, this was her partner, Annika-Bell.

I'm so excited. :) Lissette and Annika-Bell got the most votes too! ^_^

Mar. 19th, 2007

My Elfdoll Special K is being shipped out tomorrow.

Yay! *squee*
test, test, annnnnnd ... test.


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