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balljointedly // a community for steph's mob

.. it's easier then switching between user names!

Stephanie's Doll Journal -- In community form!
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Proud owner of the following BJDs:

Elfdoll Sooah ( Small Bust ): Adeline
Elfdoll Lydia ( Small Bust ): Katie
Elfdoll K Limited: Marcus

CP MNF Shushu: Lissette
CP MNF Ruth: Parker ( .. aka: Link )
CP Harang Limited: Kissa Bostwick ( One half of "The Twins" )
CP Harang Limited ( Sleeping Head ): Hiram Bostwick ( The other half of "The Twins" )
CP MNF Girl/ Kid Delf Hybrid: Nameless

Limhwa Toyou: Nameless
DoD Full Set Petsha: Katya
Souldoll Soulkid Yewon: Kirsten

selphielu on DoA || hella_tight on LiveJournal